Star Wars Printables & Activities

by the Brightly Editors

Looking for some fun Star Wars™ activities for your young Jedi? You’ve come to the right side of the Force! From making your own finger puppets to fun trivia questions, we’ve got you covered for plenty of fun times in this galaxy … and the next!

  • Star Wars LEGO Coloring Page

    How will your LEGO Star Wars minifigures turn out? Pick up a crayon and find out!

    Ages 2 – 5

  • Star Wars Finger Puppets

    Create your own Star Wars stories with the help of these finger puppets.

    Ages 2 – 5

  • Star Wars Matching Activity

    Can you match each character to his shadow? Draw a line from the picture on the left to the corresponding picture on the right.

    Ages 2 – 5

  • Star Wars Maze Activity

    Solve the maze to help Luke rescue Princess Leia.

    Ages 2 – 5

  • Master Yoda Puppet Stick Craft

    Judge a puppet by its size, will you? Make up your own stories about the Jedi Master’s adventures with this fun Yoda puppet.

    Ages 3 – 6

  • Bith Band Spoon Puppets Craft

    The Mos Eisley Cantina may not be the safest hangout, but Figrin D’an and his Bith band—the Modal Nodes—sure make it hoppin’!

    Ages 3 – 6

  • Star Wars Battle of Yavin Maze

    Luke Skywalker has just joined the rebel fleet! He’s on a desperate mission to destory the Death Star. Help him fly through the maze to his target so he can win the battle!

    Ages 4 – 7

  • Star Wars LEGO Trivia

    Test your knowledge of LEGO Star Wars with these fun trivia questions. Answer them correctly and consider yourself a Jedi Master.

    Ages 4 – 7

  • A Glance into Yoda's Past Word Search

    More than 900 years old, Yoda has met many people and traveled to countless worlds in the Republic. Search the grid below to see if you can find just some of the people he’s met and places he’s seen over the years.

    Ages 7 – 12

  • Star Wars Creative Writing Prompts

    Inspire young Jedi to travel to a galaxy far, far away with these writing prompts created by the authors who’ve written Star Wars novels!

    Ages 12+