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15 Awesome STEM Books That Make Science and Technology Fun for Kids

by Melissa Taylor

STEM subjects — science, technology, engineering, and math — are a crucial part of a child’s education both now and in the future. These STEM books are filled with great stories and cool project ideas that can help lay a foundation for any mixture of STEM disciplines. We hope the books recommended here spark excitement, teach something new, and make STEM accessible to your children.

  • STEM Books for Kids Ages 4 - 8

  • Math Curse

    by Jon Scieszka, illustrated by Lane Smith

    Everything is a math Problem with a capital “P” thanks to Mrs. Fibonacci the math teacher! It starts at 7:15 AM when a girl wakes up and remembers it takes 10 minutes to get dressed, 15 minutes to eat breakfast, and 1 minute to brush her teeth so ... 1) if her bus leaves at 8:00 AM, will she make it on time? 2) how many minutes in 1 hour and 3) how many teeth in 1 mouth? This hilarious, math-disaster of a day continues with more math than you can imagine … but will it ever end?

  • Math-terpieces

    by Greg Tang, illustrated by Greg Paprocki

    In this innovative picture book, add an “A” to STEM to make STEAM. Using fine art, readers practice mathematical problem-solving with four basic principles: keep an open mind, form unusual number combinations, use multiple math skills, and find patterns. Kids are asked to find solutions to the questions poised for each painting. For example, in Dali’s famous melting clocks painting, readers are tasked with finding 8 ways to group the clocks. Don’t worry, if you need help, answers are in the back of the book.

  • Ada Twist, Scientist

    by Andrea Beaty, illustrated by David Roberts

    Ada is a curious girl who loves questions, problem solving, science, and experiments. (Even in time out!) Readers will be inspired by her enthusiastic love of learning and laugh along at her daring experiments.

  • Iggy Peck, Architect

    by Andrea Beaty, illustrated by David Roberts

    Iggy has always loved to build (even when he was in diapers!), but his second grade teacher tells Iggy that buildings aren’t allowed in second grade. However, in a serendipitous turn of events, Iggy must use his architectural skills to save the class. This delightful book is sure to inspire an interest in architecture as well as many building projects.

  • How Machines Work: Zoo Break!

    by David Macaulay

    Pop-ups, lift-the-flaps, and levers encourage kids to get involved in this STEM adventure story about two animals, Sloth and Sengi, who try to escape the zoo using simple machines. While reading the story, you’ll also discover information on each machine — machines such as a teeter-totter, a pulley, scissors, and a bike.

  • Peg + Cat: The Pizza Problem

    by Billy Aronson and Jennifer Oxley

    Peg and Cat are best friends who have just opened a pizza shop. But when the Teens come in to order, Peg and Cat have problems … to solve. First, they have to figure out what a half is. Then, they need to divide two and a half pizzas by four. All in a day’s work at Peg’s Pizza Palace.

  • The Most Magnificent Thing

    by Ashley Spires

    Just like STEM makers and inventors in real life, this little girl learns that success is based on frustration, failure, and determination. And unlikely mentors. Because when the girl is so sick of failure and gives up, it’s her dog who encourages her to try again. Which leads her to eventually create the most magnificent thing!