The Ultimate Summer Reading List for Kids Ages 6 – 8

by Naima Jasmine Russell

They have the time for summer reading; are the books stacked and ready to go?

Summer vacation is just around the corner, and you want to encourage your new reader to spend more than the recommended 20 minutes a day reading during the break. There’s no after-school soccer practice or packets of homework to distract them. How do we keep them reading all summer long?

Any Google search will give you several book trackers, tips, and tricks, but kids will read far beyond the recommended time if they’re invested in the story. When you find a book or character that interests your reader, one they won’t stop talking about or can’t wait to discover what happens next, get the series. Reading through a series cuts down on decision fatigue, and the repetition of names, characters, and sentence structures will make readers more confident.

Finishing a book is fantastic, but reading an entire series will be a huge accomplishment for your reader. Here are 21 series to get your child’s summer reading journey started.

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