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Summer Fun for Kids Ages 9 to 12: Reading Lists, Activities, and More

by the Brightly Editors

Tween Summer Reading
Photo credit: Thomas Barwick, Iconica/Getty Images

Summer is the perfect time for tweens to broaden their book interests! Challenge them to make their way through our summer book lists, encourage them to pick up a notebook and write a story of their own, or print out Brightly’s Summer Fun Pack to preempt any proclamations of boredom.

Summer Book Lists

Reading Tips and Activities

Summer Reading Fun Pack

Download Brightly’s free Summer Reading Fun Pack below. Filled with quick tips for parents and fun activities for tweens, it’s the perfect tool to keep your child entertained and thinking creatively this season!


Summer Reading Fun Pack for Tweens

The full Summer Reading Fun Pack for Tweens includes: The Ultimate Summer Reading List for 9–12 Year Olds; 8 Ways to Prevent Tweens from Backsliding This Summer; A Roundup of Family Travel Essentials; 7 Entertaining Audiobooks for Tweens; Great Learning Games for Car Trips; Magic Tree House Summertime Word Search Activity; A Card from Camp MAD LIBS; Campfire Stories MAD LIBS; and Label Your Plants DIY Activity.