The 7 Reasons We Started Brightly

by Amanda Close & Christine McNamara

We love a good list almost as much as we love a good book. So as we embarked on Brightly, we kept tabs on what was top of mind for us, and for other parents we knew, when it came to kids’ books and reading. We thought about the questions we had, the challenges we faced, and the reading moments we wanted to share with our kids. Here’s what inspired us to launch Brightly and what we hope to offer parents:

1. Needles and haystacks. There are roughly 225,000 children’s books on the market right now. Finding the right book for the right kid at the right time can be challenging to say the least.

2. More fun please! We know reading is important, that it makes a lot of things better later in life. But so does eating your vegetables. Reading should be more fun than vegetables.

3. Mom knows everything, right? RIGHT. With the right help. Some tips, tricks, and advice about family reading life would make this whole parenting thing a little easier.

4. My kid loves/hates/tolerates books. I’d like to celebrate/change/improve that.

5. I don’t know the difference between Knuffle Bunny and Skippyjon Jones (or Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants). I’m tired of faking it. I need help.

6. Good books can keep kids quiet, engaged, and happy? I want to add more of THAT to my day.

7. We love books and reading. We want our kids to grow to love books and reading too.