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How to Throw a Where the Wild Things Are Birthday Party

by Janssen Bradshaw

Is there any book more beloved than Where the Wild Things Are? Every time I see a list of the best-ever picture books, it’s always in the top five, if not the very top spot. And it’s the perfect party theme for anyone, girl or boy, baby or elementary school child. Who wouldn’t want a wild rumpus?

Here are some of our favorite ideas for throwing your very own:

Wild Things Cake


Obviously, a cake is the crowning (no pun intended) part of a birthday party. This one is a showstopper, but surprisingly easy to assemble.

Vines All Around


Remember how vines grew in Max’s bedroom? You can make them grow in your party too!

Sailed Off Through the Night Drink


How’s this for the perfect party drink that’s super kid-friendly?

Terrible Claws


If you want something salty to balance out the sweet, try this ridiculously easy party snack!

Wild Thing Photo Booth


In this day and age, a photobooth is practically a requirement. This one is easier than it looks and photographs amazingly well!

Monster Hand Matching


Use the alphabet or monsters or photos of the children attending and play this fun matching game with your guests.

Sailboat Tangrams


This is the perfect activity for kids to do as guests arrive, since you can jump in and out easily!  Or send sets home as a favor.

I’ll Eat You Up Sign


The perfect sign for the food table, don’t you think?

Make a Crown


The guests and the birthday child all need some crowns! Have everyone grab one on their way in, and you immediately have a festive party!

A Wild Rumpus

Turn on some music, let every get their crowns on, and dance until they’re exhausted! Of course you’ll have to end it by saying, “Now stop!”

Terrible Teeth Favors


If these aren’t the perfect Wild Things favors, I don’t know what are.


What other ideas do you have for a Where the Wild Things Are party?