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Time-Travel with Your Tween in These 6 Books of Historical
(a.k.a. Pre-Wi-Fi) Fiction

by Traci Cothran

Photo credit: YuriF, Getty Images

I never used to like history — despite dear Johnny Tremain — but of late I’ve become strangely smitten with it. So as a good parent, I try to foist my new love of all things old onto my offspring. There is a trove of amazing books of historical fiction to help in this regard, and they bring eras, events, and people (real or imagined) to life in vibrant color. Some of these books are just plain fun with bits of history mixed in, while others will give you age-appropriate introductions to discuss complex topics such as racism, war, sexism, and the civil rights era with your child.

As a bonus, if your kids are complaining, perhaps it’s time to imagine living through the Depression (without electronics!), trying to find your mom who’s been captured by the Redcoats (without electronics!), or living in a sod house on the American frontier (without electronics!) to help put matters in perspective.