13 Unique Board Books for Every Baby’s Bookshelf

by Dena McMurdie

Photo credit: Isabel Pavia, Moment Open/ Getty Images

When my first child was born, a friend gave us a collection of board books to read together. We read them every day until my daughter got old enough to grab the pages with her tiny hands — and eat them. She drooled and chewed her way through most of the books. And the few that survived were no match for her younger sister.

My third child wasn’t much of a book eater. She preferred ripping pages out of picture books. After she destroyed some of my favorite children’s books, I purchased the board book editions. The sturdier pages could withstand the beatings she doled out and would last until she outgrew the book-destroying phase. After three kids, I knew which books I wanted on her shelf. Here are the titles I felt were worth the investment.

This article was originally published in 2016 and updated in 2023.