Voting and Election Printables & Activities

by the Brightly Editors

Your little ones and growing readers can learn about the election process and how important it is, even if they aren’t quite old enough to cast their vote just yet! Print out these activities for kids to complete, and use the reading list below to help them understand elections, voting, and active citizenship in a digestible way.

  • Citizen Baby Coloring Page

    Citizen Baby knows that every election matters, and every vote counts. Have your little one color in this sheet.

  • The President of the Jungle Activities

    Kids can create their own campaign sign, connect the dots, and tally up the votes to find out which animal wins the election with these fun, printable activity sheets.

  • George Washington Mad Libs

    Tweens can fill in the blanks to create a unique letter from George Washington himself!

  • Future Voter Activities

    In this activity packet, kids will find discussion questions and activities for seven picture books that help them prepare to be future voters and active citizens.

  • "If I Were President..." Mad Libs

    Tweens can fill in the blanks to list off what they’d do if they were the president!

  • Election Prep Activities

    Even the littlest of readers can get ready for the election with these fun activities and reading lists. They can make their own “thank you” card to share their gratitude with a voting adult, discover new books about civil responsibility, and learn about election language.

  • Bold & Brave Activities

    Kids can learn about 10 women who fought for their right to vote in Kirsten Gillibrand’s book, Bold & Brave. Then, they can come up with an idea they care about and campaign for change, and learn about women’s right to vote around the world.

  • Historic Protester Activities

    Enough! tells the stories of 20 protesters who changed the world. Young readers can use what they learn in the book to fill out these engaging printables.

  • "I Voted!" Stickers

    Use Uline S-13769 labels to print out these fun voting stickers! Kids can give them out to the grown-ups in their lives who exercise their right to vote and wear some of the stickers themselves.

  • Dr. Seuss's Every Voice Counts! Activities

    Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s election-themed books, kids will have fun searching for words that represent our voting process, creating their own campaign flyer, completing a presidential maze, and more!