Where’s Waldo? Printables and Activities

by the Brightly Editors

A cherished cultural icon for over 30 years, kids love looking for the elusive traveler, Waldo! Fend off boredom with these printables and activities featuring everyone’s favorite bespectacled wanderer and his wily friends.

  • Create Your Own Where's Waldo? Scene

    Start by drawing the surroundings, and then draw lots of people. Make sure Waldo is colored in and well hidden among the crowd. Then get your friends to see if they can find him!

  • Where's Waldo? Coloring Page

    Color in everyone’s favorite hider, Waldo! Will you color in Waldo so he’s wearing his classic red and white stripes, or something entirely different?

  • Where's Waldo? Word Search

    Waldo-watchers, can you find the following words in this scramble of letters? They go forward, backward, horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

  • Wizard Whitebeard's Wisecracks

    Wizard Whitebeard has cast a happy spell! This scroll is inscribed with lots of jokes. Which one makes you laugh the most?

  • Design Clothes for Waldo Watchers

    Give some Waldo-watchers striped tops (or any other design you like)!

  • Where's Waldo? Matching Game

    Match up the sets of three identically colored fish. One fish is not part of a set, so have a splish-splashing time finding out which one!