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YA Preview: The 23 Books Teens Should Be Excited About This Fall

by Tom Burns

Forget falling leaves, sweater weather, and back to school. The REAL reason you should be excited about the fall — unfortunately, it is quickly approaching — is because of all of the amazing, AMAZING YA books that are coming our way this autumn.

While our dream YA reading list for September, October, and November could probably get into the triple digits, here’s a short selection of notable books that teens should be especially eager to read.

  • October

  • Carry On

    by Rainbow Rowell

    Rowell, the author of the critically adored Eleanor & Park, offers this clever, compelling riff on the classic “Chosen One” narrative. Simon Snow might be the most powerful student at Watford School of Magicks, but he can never just enjoy being a wizard, thanks to his ex-girlfriend, his teachers, even his vampiric former roommate/arch-enemy. A fun alt-take on Harry Potter perfect for teenaged Muggles. [10/6/2015]

  • Juba!: A Novel

    by Walter Dean Myers

    This final novel from the late Walter Dean Myers tells the true story of William Henry Lane, a young African-American dancer in nineteenth-century New York. Against all odds, Lane (nicknamed “Master Luba”) became world famous for his dancing prowess and is still considered to be one of the grandfathers of modern tap, jazz, and step dancing. [10/13/2015]

  • These Shallow Graves

    by Jennifer Donnelly

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    Another tale set in turn-of-the-century Victorian New York, this engrossing mystery from bestselling author Donnelly introduces us to Jo Montfort, the young scion of a wealthy newspaper family, who dreams of becoming a journalist — just like her hero, Nellie Bly. But after her father is killed in a mysterious accident, she uses her investigative talents to explore New York’s dark underbelly in hopes of solving his murder. [10/17/2015]

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  • November

  • Soundless

    by Richelle Mead

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    This new fantasy series, from the creator of the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines, is heavily inspired by Chinese mythology. Teenaged Fei lives in a world without sound. Her remote village is completely devoid of all sound and her whole community is dependent on food shipments from a nearby kingdom. But when the villagers start losing their vision, leaving them without sight or sound, Fei has to fight to help her home survive. [11/10/2015]

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  • The Game of Lives

    by James Dashner

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    Dashner is best known as the author of The Maze Runner. (Maybe you saw the movie?) The Game of Lives brings Dashner’s OTHER popular YA series to a close, wrapping up his Mortality Doctrine trilogy and pitting his hero Michael in a final battle against his nemesis Kaine for the future of the virtual reality VirtNet and the entire world. [11/17/2015]

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