Keeping Up With Baby:
Baby Memory Books You’ll Treasure Forever

by Patricia J. Murphy

Photo credit: artursfoto, iStock/Getty Images Plus

Having a baby is hard work. From the moment they arrive in the world, kicking and screaming, there are the 2 A.M. feedings, constant diaper changes, pooping, peeing, burping, crying, and smiling. Then comes the foray of firsts: the first smile, first word, first solid food, first tooth — and an infinite number of other firsts that can be hard to keep track of — until now!

I’ve compiled a list of baby journals and memory books to capture, celebrate, and reminisce about your baby from the start — and from head to toe! You can record your child’s firsts, funny anecdotes, special photos, and small mementos. It will transform these books and journals into precious keepsakes and personal histories of your baby and family!

  • Eric Carle's Very Special Baby Journal

    by Eric Carle

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    Perfect for your sweet little butterfly right out of the cocoon, this baby journal offers page after glorious page of Carle’s signature bright and colorful collage flowers, trees, caterpillars, and butterflies. Enjoy the gorgeous spreads for photos, journal entries, envelopes for keepsakes, and countless places to record milestones from baby’s first sonogram to their first birthday cake. It's sure to be a family favorite featuring your baby, written by you and illustrated by Eric Carle — you can’t beat that!

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  • The Wonderful Baby You Are

    by Emily Winfield Martin

    Available from:

    This charming memory book will win a place in your — and your baby’s — heart! Aptly named and featuring illustrations by Emily Winfield Martin, this journal gives soon-to-be-parents plenty of space to write about their growing child. In addition, you'll find room to share sonograms and photos, a monthly progress page, adorable stickers and badges to mark milestones, and oodles of pockets to store precious little keepsakes. Lastly, a gorgeous silk ribbon keeps everything in place.

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  • 365 Days of Firsts

    by Potter Gift, illustrated by Boyoun Kim

    Available from:

    With a new baby, there’s always something to celebrate. 365 Day of Firsts gives parents, loved ones, and caregivers a way to record each exciting moment of your baby's first year. You’ll never forget a sweet coo or smile! This gift-worthy journal is simple and easy to use and includes inspiring quotations, gorgeous illustrations, and a padded cover. All you need is a baby and a pen!

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  • Llama Llama and Me

    by Anna Dewdney

    Based on the bestselling Llama Llama book series, this memory book will keep you and your little llama busy reminiscing about their growing list of firsts, favorites, and more. Using the included writing prompts, you and your child can explore their changing opinions, likes and dislikes, and big ideas. Plus, it comes with a removable growth chart to add memorable growth spurts to the mix. It's the perfect way to keep a treasure trove of your little llama’s warm and fuzzy memories!

  • You're My Baby, Baby Record Book

    by Tiger Tales, illustrated by Genine Delahaye

    Part of the You’re My Baby series, this baby record book has ample space to tell your sweet baby’s life story. Beautifully illustrated by Genine Delahaye, this adorable book includes places for your baby’s photos, envelopes for safeguarding keepsakes, and writing prompts to record your baby’s milestones.

  • Guess How Much I Love You: Baby Book

    by Sam McBratney, illustrated by Anita Jeram

    Available from:

    Can you guess how much you are going to love this baby book? The correct answer is a lot! Inspired by the bestselling picture book Guess How Much I Love You, this baby book invites you to record facts and memories about your little bunny. Detail the months leading up to their birth and beyond — through two years of age. Then, keep adding firsts, milestones, personal details, and world events to your heart’s content. Pair it with the Guess How Much I Love You picture book for a baby shower gift that any bunny will love!

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  • Baby's First Year

    by Annabel Karmel

    Available from:

    Written by the bestselling baby and kids' cookbook author Annabel Karmel, Baby’s First Year is a yummy journal, parenting, and recipe book rolled into one! For starters, its adorable cover with elephants will tantalize any parent. Next, its first course offers ample room for baby photos and memories—highlighting your baby's firsts, personal milestones, and world events. Then, the second course blends a family tree, potential baby names, and everything in between. The third course serves up a generous helping of Karmel’s child development advice and five healthy recipes for your baby. And for dessert, there's a recipe for your baby’s first birthday cake. It will be a smash hit!

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  • To Baby, With Love

    by Tiger Tales, illustrated by Sarah Ward

    This beautifully illustrated baby book will help new families record, replay, and rejoice in their child’s precious moments and memories. With sections like “Before You Were Born” and “Waiting for You to Arrive,” parents can document their baby's life and family story as it unfolds.

Indeed, any of these memory books will be perfect for your busy baby. But, as a brilliant person once said (that would be me), “It’s not the number of baby book entries you make; it’s the memories you make with your baby that matters!”