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Baby & Toddler

Holiday Book Gifts: Ages 0 – 2

by Devon A. Corneal

holiday gift guide baby toddler
Illustrations: Penelope Dullaghan

We all need a little bit of joy these days, and thinking about gifts for the winter holidays always gets me in a festive mood. This year at Brightly, we’ve pulled together an array of wonderful board books for the littlest children on your list. These books are not only solid and sturdy enough to withstand the less-than-careful hands of our youngest readers, but they also expose them to important lessons about antiracism, kindness, meditation, persistence, and voting. If you’re in the mood for something lighter, we’ve made sure to include cheerful books about construction vehicles, adorable teddy bears, and animals galore. As always, we hope these books encourage a life-long love of reading in your children.

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