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Merry & Bright: Gift Guides, Holiday Stories, and More!

by the Brightly Editors

As the holiday season approaches, with all its parties, school events, cooking and shopping, it may feel hard to carve out space to slow down and spend quality time together as a family. With their unique ability to foster closeness, invite conversation and open up new worlds, books are a great way for families to hit the pause button and settle in for a great story — whether the little ones are still tucked on laps or stretching their independence into the tween years and beyond. And once the holidays have come and gone, the books we share, and give as gifts, bring joy all year round.

Read about why we think books make memorable gifts, and then check out our gift guides. From unique, thoughtful gift ideas for every kid and teen reader on your shopping list to festive reads that light up the season, you’ll find everything you need to celebrate this holiday.


You’ll find something for even your pickiest reader in our gift guides — specially tailored to each age & stage. 

  • Holiday Book Gifts: Ages 0 – 2

    From holiday-inspired fare to timeless classics and educational read-alongs, our holiday gift guide has a little something for everyone.

  • Holiday Book Gifts: Ages 3 – 5

    In this gift guide, you’ll find beautiful, gift-worthy books and games by popular authors and celebrities that your child will love.

  • Holiday Book Gifts: Ages 6 – 8

    Whether they’re into fantastical adventures, engaging biographies, or hilarious fiction, the perfect book is out there.

  • Holiday Book Gifts: Ages 9 – 12

    From science fiction to zombie fighting, graphic novels, humor, and more, we’ve put together the best books to gift to your tween readers during the holidays.

  • Holiday Book Gifts: Ages 13+

    Matching the perfect teen with the perfect book can be a hard thing to pull off. Luckily, at least one of these (if not more) should appeal to the teens in your life!


Books that pair with the hottest toys of the season, boxed sets, and more! 

  • The Best Boxed Book Sets for Children and Teens

    Consider sharing one of these book sets — ranging from board books and picture books to middle grade books and young adult books — with the child or teen in your life.

  • Gifts for Girls

    Whether she’s a princess, adventurer, or programmer, she’ll love these fantastic book and toy pairings.

  • Gifts for Boys

    These book and toy pairings will help you fill out your holiday shopping list with fun, educational, and interactive gifts.

  • 11 Heartfelt Books to Give as Kwanzaa Gifts

    Like Kwanzaa itself, the books on this list celebrate values such as family and togetherness. Whether you’re looking for a book for a pre-k reader or a tween, here are some gift-worthy options.

  • Stocking Stuffers for Kids and Teens

    This list of stocking stuffer ideas features everything from book-related apparel and accessories that support literacy programs around the world to innovative, adorable mini books that your loved ones are sure to love.


From Christmas to Kwanzaa and everything in between — celebrate your own traditions (and learn about some others!) with these great books. 



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