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Growing Reader

Holiday Book Gifts: Ages 6 – 8

by Janssen Bradshaw


I love encouraging my family and friends to read more — and what better way to do it than by giving them an excellent book during the holiday season?

Finding the right book for emerging readers is essential, and luckily, there are many terrific titles to pick from. Here are some books worth looking into for upcoming gift-giving!

  • MasterChef Junior Bakes!

    by MasterChef Junior, foreword by Christina Tosi

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    Calling all junior bakers! This MasterChef Junior Bakes cookbook is jam-packed with sweet and savory recipes easy enough for chefs of all skill levels. With over 100 recipes, step-by-step instructions, tips, and beautiful images, this cookbook will set your little baker up for success!

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  • The 1619 Project: Born on the Water

    by Nikole Hannah-Jones and Renée Watson, illustrated by Nikkolas Smith

    Also available from:

    A school assignment to complete a family tree becomes difficult for a young girl when she can only trace back three generations. Her grandma steps in and explains the blank spots on their family chart. 400 years earlier, slave traders captured their ancestors and brought them to the United States. Written in verse, this picture book opens the eyes of young readers to the different origins people can have.

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  • Rebel Girls Stick Together: A Sticker-by-Number Book

    by Rebel Girls

    Also available from:

    Is there a young feminist in your life who loves crafts as much as they love learning about extraordinary women in history? If so, this is the book for them. The first half of the book features brief biographies on activists, artists, and athletes from all over the world, while the second half includes gorgeous sticker puzzles for readers to complete. Featuring women like Amelia Earhart, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Simone Biles, Frida Kahlo, and more, this book will inspire young readers.

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