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Holiday Book Gifts for Tweens
Ages 9 – 12

by Jennifer Garry


When I was a tween, I absolutely loved unwrapping a brand-new book during the holidays. I had an entire week of downtime spread out before me, and I knew I could sink deep into the book’s pages and truly get lost. My ten-year-old daughter is not as fond of reading as I was — but give that girl an activity book, and she will explore every page.

This list of books for tweens is the best of both worlds. There are novels to get lost in, cookbooks and activity books to keep kids busy while teaching them a thing or two, and real-life stories to inspire.

  • Pages and Co.: The Bookwanderers

    by Anna James, illustrated by Paola Escobar

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    A magical adventure for book lovers? Yes, please! If your kids are obsessed with The Land of Stories series, they’ll love this book. Tilly enjoys working at her grandparents’ bookshop, but when the characters from her favorite books walk into the store, she discovers there’s more to the bookshop than she thought. As Tilly follows the characters into their stories, she finds adventure, danger, and clues that could help her find her missing mom. Be sure to check out the rest of the series: The Lost Fairy Tales, The Map of Stories, and the latest book in the series, The Book Smugglers, out 12/14/2021.

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  • Let’s Make Comics!

    by Jess Smart Smiley

    Also available from:

    This fun, low-pressure activity book teaches readers how to draw comics while pulling them into one. Each (silly!) page guides readers through a simple skill like creating facial expressions or brainstorming ideas for characters and story plots. On their own, the pages are a fun, creative exercise, but when you put them all together, you can create your very own comic.

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