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Just For Fun

DIY Delight:
Three Ways to Make a Book

by Dena McMurdie

Have you ever thought about making your own books? It’s fun, rewarding, and it requires only a few basic supplies. You can make your own journal, photo album, sketchbook, or even a storybook. Hand-crafted books also make beautiful, personalized gifts for friends and family members.

Here are three easy ways to make a book. Give these projects a try with your children and see what you can all create!

How to Make an Origami Book


Forget origami swans! These mini origami books are super adorable and much easier to make. Check out our step-by-step directions for making a mini book here.

How to Make a Secret Message Book


Sure you can use invisible ink, but this secret message book is a much more fun and creative way for kids to communicate with others! Learn how to make these at home here.

How to Make an Accordion Book


Accordion books make for great displays! Children can fill the pages with funny cartoons, fun drawings, or even paste in photos of friends and family. Then stand them up and view all the pages at once! Follow our easy instructions and create your own accordion books here.

Filling Your Book

Now that you have a book, you need to fill the pages. Be the star of your own story or make up one about something else. Perhaps you’ll want to make a comic book, a princess book, or book of science experiments. Need more ideas? Try some of these:

  • Make a field guide; collect plants and put them in your book with information about each one.
  • Draw pictures of animals or insects and write what you know about them.
  • Make a book of photos of your friends and family.
  • Turn your book into a journal.
  • Cut out pictures from your favorite magazines and put them in your book.
  • Do you like learning about dinosaurs? Weather? Magical creatures? Draw your favorites and label them.
  • Use it as a sketchbook and fill it with your own drawings.
  • Turn it into a book of fashion ideas.
  • Make a songbook with the lyrics to your favorite songs or write your own music.

The possibilities are endless, so think of your favorite thing and make it into a book. Keep it for yourself or give it away as a gift.


What kind of book are you going to make?