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Halloween Printables and Activities

by the Brightly Editors

Photo credit: Nicola Tree, The Image Bank/Getty Images

Ready for a spook-tacularly good time this Halloween? Host a Monster Mash with Babymouse’s Halloween cupcake recipe or enjoy a family game of Rocket’s Fall Bingo — either way, your little monsters, witches, ghosts, and goblins will go crazy for these fun printables and activities.

For even more Halloween fun, visit our Pinterest board of Halloween Books and Frighteningly Fun Activities.


  • Thomas the Tank Halloween Coloring Sheet

    Thomas the Tank is enjoying the fall scenery. Color in the picture with the colors of autumn.

    Ages 2 – 4

  • Berenstain Bears Halloween Maze

    When Brother and Sister Bear are allowed to go trick-or-treating without a grown-up in The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat, Brother makes a map of the neighborhood so they won’t get lost. Help Brother and Sister Bear find their way through the maze and back to their treehouse.

    Ages 3 – 5

  • Rocket's Fall Bingo

    Fall is one of Rocket’s favorite times of the year. He loves to play in the fallen leaves, smell apple pies baking, and carve pumpkins. While you and your family are out doing fall activities, be on the lookout for each of the items below. The first one to spy five in a row is the winner. But don’t forget to yell BINGO!

    Ages 3 – 6

  • Charlie's Pumpkin Facts

    “How many seeds are in a pumpkin?” Mr. Tiffin asks his class as they gather around the big, medium, and small pumpkins on his desk. Learn about math and pumpkins with these fun facts!

    Ages 3 – 8

  • Babymouse Door Hanger

    Babymouse is determined to have the best Halloween costume and the best Halloween party ever. Will Babymouse be the monster of her dreams? Find out in Babymouse #9: Monster Mash then decorate your own Halloween bash with this fun door hanger!

    Ages 5 – 10

  • Babymouse's Halloween Cupcake Recipe

    What would a monster mash be withouth Monstrous Monster Mash Cupcakes and Wickedly Creamy Icing? Time to get baking!

    Ages 6 – 10

  • Magic Tree House: Jack and Annie's Favorite Halloween Recipes

    Jack and Annie are on a mission to solve the mystery of how a creepy castle became haunted in Haunted Castle on Hallows EveFollow their story as they step through the creaking door and cobwebs. Then chow down on recipes like Annie’s Green Ghoul Punch and Merlin’s Scary Skullcakes.

    Ages 6 – 10

  • Nightmares! Halloween Activities Kit

    Charlie is convinced his new stepmother is a witch. And ever since moving into her purple mansion, sleeping has become a nightmarish prospect. Strange things are happening, but Charlie’s too tired to face them alone. Will you help him? Check out Nightmares! and then gobble up Netherworld snacks, draw your own worst nightmare, and work your way through the Netherworld maze.

    Ages 8 – 12

  • BONUS: Day of the Dead Activities

    Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a holiday that begins on November 1. Corresponding with All Saints Day, the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead are believed to be thinnest on the Day of the Dead. While this may sound as spooky as Halloween, the holiday is actually a joyful celebration dedicated to remembering and honoring passed loved ones. To learn more about the Day of the Dead, check out these festive printables from the Day of the Dead Activity Book.