Turning Leaves, Turning Pages:
A November Reading Challenge
for Kids

by Iva-Marie Palmer

Illustration credit: Juria Mir/Shuttertock

Oh my! When November rolls in, so does the reminder that the year is nearly over! With just weeks to spare and lots to do as holidays approach, a healthy reading habit can fall by the wayside. However, busy days are the best days to fit in some time with a book. Here are some reading challenge ideas to keep your kids turning pages.

  • Did you know that November is Picture Book Month? To celebrate, read a picture book you’ve never read before.
  • Read a book that is a game or uses games as part of its story.
  • Read a book about characters — people, animals, or mythical creatures! — who cook or eat a big meal.
  • Don’t let the cooler weather keep you from exploring the world! Read an adventure story about a character who travels to new places.
  • Read a book about a family. Then talk to your family about how the book’s family is similar to and different from your own.
  • Read a graphic novel that has been adapted from a fiction or nonfiction book.
  • If you have a family gathering this month, add something to your pre-dinner ritual: Ask each person to name a book they’re thankful for.

Download a printable version of this reading challenge below.

November Reading Challenge for Kids
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