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New School Year, New Reads!
A September Reading Challenge
for Kids

by Iva-Marie Palmer

Illustration credit: mimomy/Shutterstock

School is in and fall is almost officially here. It’s possible no month is more suited to a book than September, and while kids’ teachers may be serving up recommended reads, there’s no better time to seek out stories that speak directly to you. This month’s reading challenge ideas are about reminding kids that — no matter what they might be assigned to read — they can and should always make time for what they want to read too. Crack open a book, then another, and have fun!

  • September 6 is National Read a Book Day. Find a book you think you can finish in one afternoon and see if you can read it all that day.
  • Read a picture book about autumn.
  • Celebrate the new school year by reading a book that mostly takes place at school.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a tree near where you live, find a comfortable spot and read a book underneath it.
  • Try reading a book of short stories. (You don’t have to finish every story if you don’t want to. Pick the ones that you’re most excited about and dive into those first!)
  • Read a nonfiction book by or about a Latinx person to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month.
  • September 25 is National Comic Book Day. Sometime this month, read a comic book or graphic novel.
  • Reread one of your favorite books and choose a favorite passage or quote. Make a bookmark that features that line.
  • Don’t have a library card? Head to the library during Library Card Sign-Up Month this September to get one! If you already have a card, check out a book you’ve wanted to read from your local library.

Download a printable version of this reading challenge below.


September Reading Challenge for Kids