6 Time-Traveling Chapter Books for Kids Who Love Magic Tree House

by Denise Schipani

For a relatively brief, intensive period, my now 11-year-old was obsessed with Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House series. He plowed through book after book, sometimes finishing one before we got home from the library. He couldn’t get enough of the time-traveling adventures of siblings Jack and Annie until, finally, he caught up with Osborne’s output at about book 50 (there are now even more installments in the series, the newest being the upcoming Hurricane Heroes in Texas, plus a series of nonfiction companion books called Fact Trackers).

It’s clear why Magic Tree House is popular for kids new to chapter books. The series combines a soothing familiarity (same characters, same structure, some of the same phrasing in places) with the thrilling draw of time travel. What kid wouldn’t love to zip back and forth through time, especially if their adventures could, like Jack and Annie’s, always end safely back home? For young readers who’ve soared through the entire Magic Tree House series like my son, here are a handful of chapter books and series that offer a fun-filled time-traveling escape:

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