You Won’t Find Your Average Princess in These Kids’ Books

by Devon A. Corneal

Photo credit: MoMo Productions, DigitalVision Collection/Getty Images

I have nothing against princesses. I like beautiful dresses and fancy crowns and dainty feet and being rescued by a charming man. The traditional damsel in distress is a quintessential part of children’s literature, and I have no problem with little girls who dream of going to a ball and finding true love.

I do, however, know many little girls (and their parents) who are interested in a different kind of princess. One who saves herself or has adventures or prefers sword fights to gowns. These little girls are looking for empowered, kick-ass role models who would rather tame a dragon than learn to use a spinning wheel. So, in honor of our more modern daughters, here are a few royals who embody girl power.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in 2015 and updated in 2022.