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Best Learning Workbooks for Pre-K and Elementary Students

by Iva-Marie Palmer

Image credit: Lane Oatey / Blue Jean Images/Getty Images

Workbooks for kids are no longer limited to the versions available only to educators. Now, parents and caregivers can find an array of workbooks covering a variety of subjects and skills to use at home. From honing reading skills to learning how to code, workbooks can be a great way to help stave off summer break skills loss or to supplement homeschooling lessons and virtual education. In addition to being appealing to kids – with their colorful pages and catchy activities – these workbooks have also been vetted by educators to meet curriculum standards at each grade.

Whether you’re a parent or caregiver looking to prevent learning loss or simply trying to fill in the time that would usually be taken up by other activities, here are some of the best learning workbooks for kids in preschool and elementary school.