Your Bookish Horoscope: YA Books for Every Zodiac Sign

by Devon A. Corneal

Photography by Seana Williamson

Ever wonder if your horoscope determines your reading choices? Yeah, me neither. But what if our signs influence what books we like? It’s not out of the realm of possibility, right? Because it’s a new year and a time to try new things, we picked books for our favorite teen readers based on their astrological signs.

  • Aries (the Ram)

  • Fire Element ┃ March 21 – April 19

    Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and people born under this sign are independent leaders who don’t follow the crowd. They are often competitive and will stop at nothing to win, which means you’ll need a lot of energy to keep up. But once you have an Aries’s friendship, you have a loyal friend for life.

  • Influence

    by Sara Shepard and Lilia Buckingham

    Available from:

    You’ll likely find an Aries in a group of social media influencers – those independent, beautiful, creative people who take competition to a new level as they strive for more likes and shares. But in Influence, you’ll see that a perfectly curated life may not be so perfect once the camera shuts off.

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  • Cast in Firelight

    by Dana Swift

    Available from:

    Adraa and Jatin are heirs to their thrones, powerful wielders of magic, and unwillingly betrothed to each other. Each wants to chart their own path and rule their separate kingdoms, well, separately. But when they are forced to cooperate in uncovering a common threat to the stability of their realms, they must put their competitive spirits aside. Perfect for bold leaders, Cast in Firelight will enthrall the independent Rams in your life.

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  • Taurus (the Bull)

  • Earth Element ┃ April 20 – May 20

    Tauruses are honest, trustworthy, and prize relationships that are steady and drama-free. A Taurus can be stubborn, but their tenacity also means they’re hard-working. Couple that with their natural intelligence, and a Taurus is who you want with you when you have a tough challenge ahead.

  • Coming Up For Air

    by Nicole B. Tyndall

    Available from:

    Hadley has no interest in drama – not in dating or in life. She’s had too much of that at home already. Besides, she’s laser-focused on her photography and art school. Everything else will have to take a backseat — until Brandon shows up. A hard-working and level-headed Taurus will see herself in Hadley and might also learn the value of taking a risk now and then.

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  • The Year I Stopped Trying

    by Katie Heaney

    Available from:

    A Taurus is an extremely hard worker, just like Mary. Mary is a perfect student, and I mean perfect. Until one day, she isn’t. And when Mary stops being perfect, she wonders why she worked so hard in the first place.

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  • Gemini (the Twins)

  • Air Element ┃ May 21 – June 20

    A person born under the sign of the Twins is a chameleon – someone who moves easily between social groups and feels comfortable in nearly any situation. They are flexible and equally happy being alone or in the middle of a crowd. In short, Geminis possess a duality that allows them to see both sides of most issues and a desire to understand what drives the people around them.

  • The Trouble With Twins

    The Trouble With Twins

    by Kathryn Siebel

    There’s a reason that Gemini is the sign of the Twins – especially when siblings are as different as Arabella and Henrietta. Unpopular, quiet Henrietta envies her pretty, vivacious sister, and when Henrietta tries to make her twin suffer, she’s punished by being separated from her. As they try to reunite, the sisters realize that love ties them together despite their distinct personalities.

  • It Will End Like This

    by Kyra Leigh

    Available from:

    Charlotte and Maddi have always been dutiful daughters, but when they lose their mother and their father starts dating, they find their usual obedience difficult to muster. Torn between grief and rage, the girls find themselves on an alternative path, with potentially deadly consequences. Geminis will understand the girls’ conflict, knowing that duality isn’t always good.

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  • Cancer (the Crab)

  • Water Element ┃ June 21 – July 22

    A Cancer may initially seem aloof or cold when you first meet them but will surprise you with their empathy and intuitiveness. Because of their emotional sensitivity, Cancers avoid crowds and small talk, preferring small groups of confidantes they can really communicate with. Although intense, Cancers are also wickedly funny and excellent mimics.

  • Salaam, with Love

    by Sara Sharaf Beg

    Available from:

    Dua is not happy to be spending the holy month of Ramadan with relatives she hardly knows, including her standoffish cousin who barely acknowledges her. But as the days pass, Dua finds comfort in the warmth of the small group of family, the rituals of her faith, and her budding relationship with a cute drummer. Sensitive Cancers will love this intimate story of a young girl learning more about herself and the life she wants to live.

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  • Just Our Luck

    by Julia Walton

    Available from:

    Leo is a sensitive guy – the kid who might get a little anxious and accidentally get in a fight at school and then maybe lie about it to his dad to avoid looking weak. Which is how he ends up at the local gym for a self-defense class, which is the last thing he wants. Also, he might be cursed. But that’s another story. Cancers will enjoy the sharp humor and emotional intelligence of this story as much as they will see themselves in Leo’s vulnerability.

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  • Leo (the Lion)

  • Fire Element ┃ July 23 – August 22

    Leos are everything you’d expect from someone born under the sign of a lion – dramatic, confident, passionate, and proud. They are brave leaders who hate injustice and believe in hard work to win the respect of the people around them. A Leo is a committed extrovert with boundless energy, so try to keep up.

  • Dear Justyce

    by Nic Stone

    Available from:

    Told in a series of letters between childhood friends Vernell and Justyce, this award-winning book explores the disparities in the criminal justice system and the experiences that can change our lives in an instant. Perfect for injustice-fighting Leos, this book will have you questioning everything you believe about fairness and opportunity.

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  • The Vanishing Deep

    by Astrid Scholte

    Available from:

    Tempe wants answers and will stop at nothing to get them, including resurrecting her dead sister to discover why she murdered their parents. But when her sister denies committing the crime, Tempe has no choice but to join with her to uncover the sinister forces governing their lives. Brave Leos will find they have a lot in common with these two daring teens whose journey is not only dangerous but possibly fatal.

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  • Virgo (the Virgin)

  • Earth Element ┃ August 23 – September 22

    Practical Virgo always has an eye on the big picture. Behind their shyness, Virgos are planning everything and loving it. Because they are perfectionists with high standards, you can always count on a Virgo to do what they promise. Virgos are voracious learners and feel happiest curled up in a chair with a good book.

  • Margot Mertz Takes It Down

    by Carrie McCrossen

    Available from:

    Margot takes care of things. She makes problems disappear, like that embarrassing picture of you on the internet. She’s precise and efficient and worth every penny you’ll pay her. And when Margot uncovers a website exposing nude photos of high school girls without their consent, well, let’s just say she has a plan to take care of that too. Virgos will connect to Margot’s organizational skills but hopefully learn that sometimes, even a good plan can go too far.

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  • Four Streets and a Square

    by Marc Aronson

    Available from:

    What book-loving, super-planning Virgo wouldn’t love a deep dive into the history of Manhattan? From the geometry of its streets to the intersection of art, politics, economics, and social movements, Manhattan is a unique part of the American experience. This book will captivate you from the very first page.

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  • Libra (the Scales)

  • Air Element ┃ September 23- October 22

    Keeping everything in balance is the cornerstone of a Libra’s life. Libras are diplomats at heart, using their intelligence and kindness to compromise where others find discord. Vivacious and extroverted, Libras enjoy the company of others, especially close friends and family.

  • Last Night at The Telegraph Club

    by Malinda Lo

    Available from:

    Lily Hu is teetering on a precipice – she’s falling in love with Kathleen Miller in a time and place when being gay is unsafe and when merely being Chinese-American raises questions about your patriotism. Equilibrium-loving Libras will understand the battle Lily must face as she tries to have both the love and the life she deserves.

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  • Catch The Light

    Catch The Light

    by Kate Sweeney

    Mary is trying to balance the old life she’s had to leave behind and the new life she’s making for herself after her father’s death. As she moves toward the unknown, Mary worries she’ll lose not only the memories of her father but also the person she was when he was alive. Mary will need all the kindness a Libra embodies to let go of her grief and allow herself to find happiness.

  • Scorpio (the Scorpion)

  • Water Element ┃ October 23 – November 21

    Scorpios have no time for insincerity and insist on living authentic lives, no matter how difficult. Passionate and forthright, Scorpios love to debate and don’t shy away from controversy. This can make them difficult to know, but they are also deeply emotional and vulnerable, making them loyal friends once you break through their outer shell.

  • Tess of the Road

    by Rachel Hartman

    Available from:

    Tess lives in a world that expects women to be quiet and ladylike, but she can’t (or won’t) conform. When faced with life in a nunnery, Tess cuts her hair and sets out to see the world – hiding who she is to experience all life offers. Tess’s desire to be true to herself will resonate with independent Scorpios, who embrace who they are at all costs.

    Also available from:
  • A Universe of Wishes

    edited by Dhonielle Clayton

    Available from:

    Scorpios will love this collection of short stories from an array of diverse and award-winning authors whose characters explore all the facets of their lives in search of truth and living honestly and purposefully.

    Also available from:
  • Sagittarius (the Archer)

  • Fire Element ┃ November 22 – December 21

    People born under the sign of the Archer are extroverted, optimistic, funny, and generous. They are also independent non-conformists who fearlessly take on risks, regardless of what others might think. Sagittarius loves to travel, explore, and challenge themselves with fresh adventures. A Sagittarius is honest even when the truth hurts but is also generous and open-hearted.

  • The Ranger’s Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan

    by John Flanagan

    Available from:

    This extensive series follows a group of Rangers who possess extraordinary skill with a bow and arrow and dedicate their lives to serving and protecting the realm. It is perfect for those born under the sign of the Archer. Halt, an experienced ranger who eschews convention, takes on a new apprentice named Will while he uncovers a threat to the kingdom. Together, the two men set out to meet the threat brewing on the border and form a bond that will carry on throughout this captivating series.

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  • Aurora Rising

    by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

    Available from:

    Talk about non-conformists — Tyler Jones and his misfit band of cadets from Aurora Academy have one job — save the galaxy. It’s no big deal — I mean, who wouldn’t entrust the existence of an entire universe to a bunch of sarcastic, unhinged, hormonal, smart-asses and a two-hundred-year-old girl they rescued from cryo-sleep? Independent Sagittarius teens will relate to this unconventional group and the adventures that await.

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  • Capricorn (the Goat)

  • Earth Element ┃ December 22 – January 19

    Capricorns are rule lovers who thrive with order and routine. This doesn’t mean they can’t be creative, but they enjoy tradition and structure. Smart and focused, Capricorns are very good with finances and often succeed in the corporate world. Capricorns know what they want and aren’t shy about telling you what you want, too.

  • The Once And Future King

    by T.H. White

    Available from:

    Let’s just say that the future king of England isn’t your typical Capricorn. Wart doesn’t like rules — especially because they never benefit him. He begins training with Merlyn, whose educational system is more chaotic than most. But what seems like chaos turns out to be precisely what young Wart needs to grow into the creator of Camelot, King Arthur himself. Capricorns will enjoy Merlyn’s lessons and seeing Wart leave his humble beginnings behind to claim the throne.

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  • Instructions For Dancing

    by Nicola Yoon

    Available from:

    Dancing is all about rules – rhythm, choreography, timing, music. But rules are also meant to be bent or even broken, as Evie is about to discover. This story will push Capricorns to rethink what must be and explore what might be instead.

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  • Aquarius (the Water Bearer)

  • Air Element ┃ January 20 – February 18

    Aquarians dislike labels, for good reason. They’re an enigmatic, unique group that prizes individuality and change above all else. They’re analytical thinkers who look for patterns in the world and use their insight to work toward the social good. Aquarians are idealists at heart and often put the needs of others before their own.

  • African Town

    by Charles Waters and Irene Latham

    Available from:

    This collection of poems captures the centuries-old injustice suffered by enslaved persons brought to the United States and their determination to create a home for themselves after their enslavement ended. Richly imagined in fourteen unique voices, this novel-in-verse will appeal not only to social justice-minded Aquarians but to anyone who seeks to understand the full scope of American history.

    Also available from:
  • The Delusionist

    by Don Calame

    Available from:

    Quinn Purcell wants to be a magician and get a spot at the Masters of Magic Fantasy Camp. But the competition is steep, and Quinn doesn’t know if he has what it takes. But what is the life of a magician without a bit of risk, right? Aquarians will understand Quinn’s refusal to conform to expectations and desire to be his own man in the sometimes cutthroat world of illusion.

    Also available from:
  • Pisces (the Fish)

  • Water Element ┃ February 19 – March 20

    Pisces are deeply sensitive and intuitive, with an empathetic side that feels psychic sometimes. They are often creative and have rich fantasy lives through writing, art, or music. But that doesn’t mean they’re flaky — Pisces are also fiercely intelligent (think Albert Einstein) and respect logic and rationality.

  • Skin of the Sea

    by Natasha Bowen

    Available from:

    What’s more quintessentially Pisces than a mermaid fantasy? Simi is a mermaid fated to serve the gods by collecting the souls of those who die at sea — until she breaks the rules and saves the life of a young sailor. Now she and the intuitive young man she saved must brave the perils of her underwater world to make amends before everything is lost. Simi will need every ounce of intelligence and creativity she possesses to do so.

    Also available from:
  • The Guinevere Deception

    by Kiersten White

    Available from:

    A dark lake and rippling magic hold secrets that could change the lives of Guinevere and the Arthurian court in Kiersten White’s excellent fantasy trilogy. Perfect for the dreamy Pisces who longs to disappear into epic stories of chivalrous knights, deceptive magicians, and unexpected love, <The Guinevere Deception will entrance the teen readers in your life.

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