From <i>Dinotrux</i> to <i>NanoBots</i>: <br />How Simple Observations Fuel Imagination Thumbnail


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From Dinotrux to NanoBots: How Simple Observations Fuel Imagination

Some call it being curious or having an interest, but Chris Gall (the author of the popular Dinotrux series for children) says he's always been a "noticer."



10 Must-Have Books for 3-Year-Olds

Looking for some great books your three-year-old will love and want to hear over and over again? Here are ten of the best.

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Meet the Illustrator: Jen Hill

Jen Hill is the artist behind the sweet and historically accurate illustrations of Diana Hopkins and her friends (including FDR’s adorable dog) in Diana’s White House Garden.

5 Illustrated Books for Kids <br />Who Dig Math Thumbnail


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5 Illustrated Books for Kids Who Dig Math

These delightful math books bring numerical concepts to life, showing kids how math relates to the things they see, hear, and do every day.



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Four-Eyed and Fabulous: How to Get Your Kid to Love Their Glasses

Got a little one who needs spectacles? Here are three easy things you can do (and six books to read) to get them excited about wearing glasses.



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New Braille Books Help Visually Impaired Kids Connect with the World

Earlier this year, DK — a publisher known for its highly visual books for kids — launched a braille series for both visually impaired and sighted readers.


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What Books About Magic Do for Children — That Other Stories Can’t

Books about magic open doors into dreams of a world without limitations, and those dreams can inspire action to change the world as it is.



Moving on Up: 6 Gift Books for Middle School Graduates

From classic read-alouds to inspirational nonfiction, books that contain valuable life lessons are perfect for celebrating any middle schooler's graduation.



Oh, The Places They’ll Go! 6 Gift Books for Elementary School Graduates

If you want to reward a young reader with a terrific book for their elementary school send-off, these stories make for perfect, age-appropriate gifts.

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Brightly’s Book Pick of the Week

Need some help finding your child's next great read? Check out weekly book recommendations for readers of all ages from the team at Brightly.