Books Like The Hobbit: 12 Epic Fantasies Worth Reading

If you’re looking for the excitements of an epic quest and characters you won’t soon forget, check out these books like The Hobbit.


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Baby & Toddler


How to Read Aloud to a Child That Won’t Sit Still

If your child struggles to pay attention or sit still while you’re reading together, here are five tips that may help.

Passing the Funny Test: <br>Inside the Illustration Process for <br><i>Jake the Fake Keeps it Real</i> Thumbnail

Growing Reader


Passing the Funny Test: Inside the Illustration Process for Jake the Fake Keeps it Real

Keith Knight's task of creating 13 dozen illustrations based on Adam Mansbach's and Craig Robinson's story was daunting, to say the least! But he had a couple of secret weapons in his corner: his two sons.



Growing Reader

10 Legitimately Funny Books to Read Aloud with Your Kids

Sure, there are plenty of kids' books that have mastered the art of the cute, but how many have really made you laugh? These kids' books know how to bring the funny.



Growing Reader


8 Books About the Songs that Have Shaped Our Lives — and History

Here are eight books featuring songs that are more than just melody — they are part of the fabric of our country's politics, protests, and culture.

Rethinking Reading Levels: Some Practical Advice from the Experts Thumbnail

Tips & Advice

Rethinking Reading Levels: Some Practical Advice from the Experts

Confused by the 'rules' around reading levels? Wondering how kids can vary so much when it comes to the levels of books they connect with? Two experts share some insights.



The Best Bookish Birthday Gifts for Tweens

If you’re in the market for an impactful gift for the tween in your life, look right here, at these nine book choices — everything from classics to fresh new takes that are great for 9- to 12-year-olds.



What Can the President Do? Timely Answers for Curious Kids from the Creators of the Who Was? Series

The rapid-fire pace of breaking news these days can bring up lots of questions for kids — about how our government works, who does what, and why. The folks behind the bestselling Who Was? series have created a new series of e-specials to answer some of those questions. You can read the first installment, What Can a President Really Do?, in full — and for free! — right here.

11 Touching Books to Boost Empathy in Teen Readers Thumbnail


11 Touching Books to Boost Empathy in Teen Readers

Author Michel Stone and her daughter share their favorite perspective-broadening reads for teens and young adults.


Growing Reader


11 Baseball Books Kids Say Are Home Runs

Batter up! Looking for some great baseball books for kids? Check out these stories young readers are recommending to each other.