10 Things You Can Do This Summer to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten Thumbnail


10 Things You Can Do to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

The summer is the perfect time to help prepare your child for the transition to kindergarten. Here are some things you can do at home to get them ready.


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How to Make a Zine: A Kid-Friendly DIY Guide Thumbnail

Growing Reader


How to Make a Zine: A Kid-Friendly DIY Guide

Follow along with these simple instructions and you'll be creating a zine in no time — the perfect craft project for children looking to express their creativity!



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Children’s Books That Show Kids the Goodness in the World

Looking to share stories with your kids that reflect the positive in the world? These books bring to life tales of the innate goodness of our fellow humans.



Growing Reader

Look Up! 9 Books About the Sun, Moon, and Stars for Kids

Are your kids getting excited for the solar eclipse? Expand their fascination with the skies above with these fantastic books about the sun, moon, stars, and space.


Just For Fun

Reading in the Shadow of Sendak

When author Elisha Cooper was awarded a Sendak Fellowship, he had the rare opportunity to explore Maurice Sendak's summer home and his bookshelves.

Catherine Pearlman on Parenting

Grown-Up Reads

Why Being a ‘Good Enough’ Parent Is Better Than Being Perfect

Dr. Catherine Pearlman makes the case for not striving for perfection and instead aiming for "good enough" parenting.


Just For Fun

Victoria Justice’s Favorite Books as a Kid — and What She’s Reading Today

Brightly was thrilled to check in with Victoria to learn more about her passion for reading and find out what some of her all-time favorite books are.


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16 Books That 6- to 8-Year-Old Boys Say Are Must-Reads

These books had 6- to 8-year-old boys raving, either because they made them laugh, were full of adventures, or were so exciting they had to keep reading!

12 New Class Read-Alouds Teachers and Librarians Should Check Out Thumbnail


Growing Reader

12 New Class Read-Alouds Teachers and Librarians Should Check Out

These new books for preschoolers and early elementary schoolers are certain to bring laughs, captivated stares, and joy, and are even better as read-alouds.



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Brightly Storytime: Here Comes Teacher Cat

Read along with Here Comes Teacher Cat, a charming picture book about adorable kitties who have an unexpectedly fun day at school.