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10 Times When a Book Is a Better Gift Than a Toy

Do you know what makes a great substitute for toys in almost any gift-giving situation? Books! Here are ten times when buying a book instead of a toy is definitely the way to go.

Books About Astronauts


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To Infinity and Beyond! 13 Far Out Space Books for Future Astronauts

These out-of-this-world reads books can help your budding astronaut explore life in outer space … from the safety of home.




Critical Reading — Teaching Kids to Discern Real Information from Fake News

How can we give the next generation the skills to determine if something they read is true, false, or somewhere in between? These expert tips can help.




12 Authors on the Banned Books They’ll Never Forget

To celebrate Banned Books Week, we asked authors to share the banned or challenged book that made a lasting impact on them as young people. Here are the books that have stayed with them through the years.

An Introduction to Mike Lupica: <br>Sports Stories and Life Lessons for Tween Readers Thumbnail


An Introduction to Mike Lupica: Sports Stories and Life Lessons for Tween Readers

If you have a sports lover at home, Mike Lupica is an author to know. Here are some of Lupica's best middle grade books for football, basketball, and baseball enthusiasts.

Love Letter to Bookstores

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A Love Letter to Bookshops

Bookshops are a gateway to another world. There is nothing like the tingle of expectation as you step over the threshold.


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20 Kid-Approved Books for Advanced Second and Third Grade Readers

It can be a challenge for advanced readers in early elementary grades to find more complex texts that are still age-appropriate. These 20 books are just right.


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14 New Children's and YA Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

From aspiring luchadoras to determined punk rockers to men and women whose contributions to history won’t soon be forgotten, these stories are great for sharing not only during Hispanic Heritage Month, but all year round.


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Moving Memoirs About Anxiety and Depression

Books can go a long way in reminding us that we're not alone. These memoirs offer real and insightful perspectives on struggles with anxiety and depression.


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9 Standout Verse Novels for Kids and Teens Reading Below Grade Level

These novels for elementary schoolers, middle schoolers, and teens are standouts for their memorable characters and plots and the ways that the authors use verse to tell the stories.