Confidence Over Competence: Empowering Girls to Love Math

Could the “math gap” between girls and boys be more about confidence than competence? Math teacher turned author Jennifer Swender wants girls to see math as a challenge to overcome rather than a standard of perfection to achieve.


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Growing Reader

Feel-Good Picture Books for the Warm Days of Summer

Looking to get you and your little readers into that summertime groove? Add these feel-good, nature-drenched, easy-breezy tales of summer to the very top of your family's to-be-read list this season.

Best Touch and Feel Books for Your Baby’s Bookshelf Thumbnail

Baby & Toddler

Best Touch and Feel Books for Babies

Whether you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift or a book to keep your baby entranced, these eight tactile board books are sure to be big hits.

Why the Theme of My First Novel Is Childhood Loneliness Thumbnail


Why the Theme of My First Novel Is Childhood Loneliness

As a youngster, I would observe the interaction of siblings or friends with both an aching sense of yearning and a level of dread that proved to be an insurmountable obstacle. Childhood loneliness can be a complicated matter.



Pride and Less Prejudice: 10 LGBTQ Books for Teens

These LGBTQ YA stories are filled with characters experiencing everything from dystopian drama to summer love to messy breakups and more.



Growing Reader


9 Toy-riffic Books for Fans of Toy Story

Whether you love the friendships, the adventures, or the mere idea of toys coming to life, we’ve rounded up nine fantastic books for readers who love Toy Story.



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Books for Kids Fascinated by Maps

Maps can inspire wonder about faraway places and evoke fantasies about interesting journeys, or give a new perspective on a familiar location. If you have a map-lover in your household, these kid-approved titles are the perfect offerings.



Growing Reader

Big Boys Cry: Teaching Children That Tears Are Nothing to Fear

People often get caught up on the idea of “strength” when it comes to emotional literacy — whether they feel it takes more strength to hide your emotions, or to be open with how you feel.



6 Graphic Novels to Add to Your Classroom or School Library

From coming-of-age plots to fairy tale retellings, these kid-favorite graphic novels are must-haves for any classroom or school library.

Why Reading Childhood Favorites to Your Kids Is Honestly the Best Thumbnail

All Ages

Why Reading Childhood Favorites to Your Kids Is Honestly the Best

Watching my daughter connect to one of my childhood favorites brought back a flood of memories about my first time reading the book.