friendship for tweens


10 Books About Friendship for Tween Readers

Some fictional friendships serve as a “mirror” for young readers and help them relate to the characters or reflect on their own relationships. Others can be a “window” into how a friend might feel and help them build empathy for peers or classmates. Here are 10 page-turning books recommended by tween readers where friendship is a central aspect of the story.


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prek friendship


13 Books About Friendship for Kids Ages 3 – 5

We hope this collection of silly, touching, funny, and honest stories help your children learn the value of friendship and give them tools to build happy healthy relationships with the people they decide to let into their lives.

teen friendship


11 YA Books That Highlight the Importance of Friendship

Friendship is everything in your teens. Part of that is simply developmental — it’s the time when we begin to develop our own sense of self, apart from our families, and friends are a vital part of that shift. These 11 books about friendship help us answer those questions.

Children's Books That Celebrate Muslim Culture

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Books That Help Kids Know and Love Themselves

These books are great tools to help kids know their strengths, understand their uniqueness, and embrace both.

Best Children's & YA Books of May 2020

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Best Children’s and YA Books of May 2020

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Mondays with Michelle Obama Featured Books

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the first rule of punk


Brightly’s Book Club for Kids: The First Rule of Punk

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books by asian authors

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10 Children’s & YA Books Written by Asian Authors

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high school grad


Book Gifts for High School Graduates

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