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Get Creative With These Craft Books for Kids

Whether your kids are exploring science, nature, engineering, or just making something fun, these books offer fantastic ideas for kid-friendly projects.


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Keep Calm and Color On: <br>Amazing Coloring Books for Adults Thumbnail

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Grown-Up Reads

Keep Calm and Color On: Amazing Coloring Books for Adults

Coloring books have become wildly popular as both a stress-reliever and a way to turn off digital distractions. If you’ve been contemplating giving coloring a spin, these are some of the best.

anger management

Tips & Advice

7 Tips to Help Your Child Manage Their Anger

Have you ever wondered how you should respond to your child’s angry feelings and behaviors? Here are seven practical tips that you can use to help your child manage their anger.

Step Into Reading Level 3 Books

Growing Reader

Step Into Reading Level 3 Books for Growing Readers

Whether it is an inspiring biography, a fun slice of history, or a rousing adventure, these Level 3 books offer something for all children who are ready to read on their own.


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Books That Help Kids Learn a New Language

We know the many benefits of speaking more than one language, so how can we support kids with learning a new language or reinforcing more than one language at home? One way is with bilingual children’s books.


All Ages

The Best Children’s and YA Books of August 2020

From explorations into space to crucial talks on race and a queer love story sequel set in Iran, these exciting new titles for young readers will usher you through to cooler days ahead.

all kinda of families

All Ages

Ain’t Nothing But a Family Thing: Books About All Kinds of Families

From adoption to divorce to same-sex families, kids and parents can find books that explain how all sorts of families are formed in all sorts of ways.

virtual learning work from home

Tips & Advice

Tips on Balancing Virtual Learning and Work for Parents

Julie Bogart, author of The Brave Learner, offers parents advice on how to balance working from home and virtual learning — based on her experience homeschooling her five children for 17 years.