Why It’s Never Too Early to Teach Your Kids Financial Literacy Thumbnail


Why It’s Never Too Early to Teach Your Kids Financial Literacy

Cinders McLeod's Moneybunny picture books offer fun financial literacy lessons on earning, saving, and spending as a relatable way for little kids to start thinking about money.


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You’re Missing It! Reminds Parents that Kids Aren’t the Only Ones Who Should Put Down the Screens

In a technology-obsessed world, You’re Missing It! is a real-life notification for kids and parents on the importance of human connection.

Bookshelves in Bloom: <br>A May Reading Challenge for Kids Thumbnail


Growing Reader


Bookshelves in Bloom: A May Reading Challenge for Kids

This month, find reading inspiration in the blooming plants outside, your own creativity within, and the (fast-approaching!) end of the school year.

How Emily Oster&#8217;s <i>Cribsheet</i> Uses Data to Help Make Parenting Less Stressful Thumbnail

Baby & Toddler


How Emily Oster’s Cribsheet Uses Data to Help Make Parenting Less Stressful

Rather than getting swept up in emotion or bogged down in conflicting information from every mother in your contact list, Emily Oster’s Cribsheet empowers parents to make fact-based decisions that reflect what’s best for their unique family.



Growing Reader

Chill Out with These 8 Endearing Picture Books About Penguins

Who doesn’t love the adorable waddle, distinctive built-in tuxedos, and fun-loving personalities of penguins? With World Penguin Day coming up, why not add a few penguin-themed picture books into the storytime rotation.



Growing Reader

10 Books to Gear Up for Take Your Child to Work Day

Picture books on various jobs and careers have always been a favorite for children and young readers. With Take Your Child to Work Day just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to take a look at a few favorites.


Grown-Up Reads

The Best Grown-Up Reads of April 2019

This spring, we challenge you to replace any book you haven’t touched in years with something new and exciting. From a page-turning thriller to amusing reflections on adulthood, there’s something here for every reader.

15 Great Rhyming Books <br>for Preschoolers Thumbnail


15 Great Rhyming Books for Preschoolers

Young children love to play and rhyming is just that: wordplay. So before it’s too late, not a moment too soon, start reading aloud, your child will swoon!