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Growing Reader


Brightly’s Summer Reading Challenge for Kids — 2021 Edition

by the Brightly Editors

Summer Reading Bingo

Who says summer reading has to feel like a chore? This year, challenge kids to pick up a book by turning summer reading into a game of book bingo! Teachers and parents can print out our fun and engaging Summer Reading Bingo Card for summer break and offer prizes for completed boards. From “Read a book set in the past” to “Read a book about activism,” each prompt offers kids of all ages the chance to expand their reading horizons.

Kids can choose what they read for the challenge, though, to help fill out that bingo board with ease, check out our Summer Reading Book Lists for new ideas: Ages 3 – 5 | Ages 6 – 8 | Ages 9 – 12

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Summer Reading Book Bingo


Plus, here are some book suggestions to help you fulfill four of the prompts on your bingo card!