Back to School:
Books to Support Mental Health and Well-being, Learning, and More

by the Brightly Editors

Illustration credit: Penelope Dullaghan

Back to school can come with many mixed feelings and emotions. Whether you’re dreading the end of summer, ready to get your kids back into their routines, or a mix of both, Brightly is here to bring you what you need to start the school year off strong.

This year, our readers overwhelmingly are looking for books and resources to support mental health and well-being — with over 60% of survey respondents being more concerned about it over academics. But whether you’re worried about your kids falling behind in school or providing them with more social-emotional support, we’re here to help. From book recommendations by grade and advice to get kids back on track with reading at home to books that help kids deal with change and show them how to be a friend, Brightly has everything you need to have the best school year possible!