Just For Fun

15 Comebacks to Kids Who Say
‘I’m Bored!’

by the Brightly Editors

Free time can be a glorious thing for kids, a chance for them to create, stretch their imaginations, and explore new ideas. But to get to that, you have to get past the all-too-familiar refrain of “I’m bored!” that can crop up, whac-a-mole-like after a mere 30 seconds of downtime.

Next time your kids come to you complaining of boredom, suggest one of these boredom-busting ideas.

1. Get Moving … with 10 Books Designed to Make Kids Move

2. Play Games … with 23 Fun Reading Games for KidsImage via www.theberry.com

3. Have Fun with Food … with 8 Great Cookbooks for Budding Chefs

4. Use the Screen for Good … with the Best Reading Apps for 4- to 8-Year-Olds kid-with-ipad

5. Laugh Out Loud … with Jokes, Tongue Twisters, and Poems

6. Test Your Knowledge … with the Girls Rule! Who Was? Trivia Quiz and the 20th Century Who Was? Trivia Quiz guess-who

7. Stop the Backseat Bickering … with the Best Books for a Long Car Ride

8. Connect with Your Inner Jedi … with Star Wars Printables and Activities origamiyoda

9. Be Experimental … with Fun and Yummy Science Experiments Kids Can Do at Home

10. Become Makers … with Craft Books for the Whole Family crafting

11. Play Detective … with a Library Scavenger Hunt for Kids

12. Stay on Fleek … with DIY Style and Fashion Books for Tweens on-fleek

13. Dress Up Your Books … with DIY Book Covers and DIY Bookmarks quitter-strip

14. Put Pen to Paper … with Tips on How Teens Can Start Their Own Writing Group

15. Have Fun with Words … with Mad Libs


Got more ideas to stop boredom in its tracks? Let us know in the comments below.