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Merry & Bright: Gift Guides, Holiday Stories, and More!

by the Brightly Editors

holiday gifts
Illustration: Penelope Dullaghan

As the holiday season approaches, it’s both a time of excitement and stress. This year has been unlike any other, and it’s hard not to let that strain seep into the joy and merriment that usually accompanies the holiday season. Though there may be less time with extended family and friends leading up to the end of the year, books provide a wonderful (and stress-reducing!) way to spend time with the kids in your life.

With their unique ability to foster closeness, invite conversation, and open up new worlds, books are a great way for families to hit the pause button and settle in for a great story — whether the little ones are still tucked on laps or stretching their independence into the tween years and beyond. And once the holidays have come and gone, the books we share, and give as gifts, bring joy all year round.

Read about why we think books make memorable gifts, and then check out our gift guides. From unique, thoughtful gift ideas for every kid and teen reader on your shopping list to festive reads that light up the season, you’ll find everything you need to celebrate this holiday.

  • Holiday Gift Guides for All Ages

  • You’ll find something for even your pickiest reader in our gift guides — specially tailored to each age & stage.

  • Holiday Book Gifts: Ages 0 – 2

    These books are not only solid and sturdy enough to withstand the less-than-careful hands of our youngest readers, but they also expose them to important lessons about antiracism, kindness, and more.

  • Holiday Book Gifts: Ages 3 – 5

    This holiday season, give children a gift that ignites their imagination, makes them laugh out loud, or teaches them something new with the best present of all: a book!

  • Holiday Book Gifts: Ages 6 – 8

    Whether your growing reader is into books about magical creatures, outer space, quests and adventures, or celebrating the things that make each of us unique, the perfect book is out there.

  • Holiday Book Gifts: Ages 9 – 12

    In this gift guide, you’ll find exciting new titles, timely stories, and gift-worthy books to give your tween this holiday season — whether they love action-packed adventures, heartfelt stories, or fascinating nonfiction.

  • Holiday Book Gifts: Ages 13+

    Matching the perfect teen with the perfect book is easier than you think! Especially with our holiday gift guide filled with amazing YA and teen-friendly titles.