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Parenting a Dyslexic Child Takes Both Science and Faith

Mother and author of Bless This Mess, Ellen O'Donnell believes that when it comes to parenting, science and spirituality are not at odds with each other.

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Grown-Up Reads

The Best Grown-Up Reads of September 2019

September’s best new book releases call for long stretches of reading time, so clear the calendar and make room in your TBR stack.

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Banned & Challenged Books Every Tween and Teen Should Read

Ideas in books can ignite discovery, encourage empathy, and offer solace. With that in mind, here are 17 banned books worth reading for their ideas.



Spooky (But Not Too Scary!) Books for Middle Grade Readers

If your middle schooler is ready for something a little scary, try these spooky titles that should definitely keep them hooked — and creep them out a bit.

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October Reading Challenge for Kids

These ten reading challenge ideas will have young readers haunting their bookshelves and exploring new stories all month long.



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My Tiny Pet Hilariously Explores Our Urge to Downsize

Mixing silliness and science, My Tiny Pet is the super cute story of one incredibly resourceful girl who uses creative thinking and a whole lot of tenacity to get a pet her family will always have room for.

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Baby & Toddler


10 Quirky Alphabet Books With a Twist

To build on more standard alphabet primers, try out one of these quirkier A-to-Z books and put a little whimsy into your child’s abecedarian efforts.

Picture books about patience


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Hurry Up and Read These Picture Books About Patience

Check out these both funny and poignant books that help kids discover that some things are worth the wait.



Everyone’s Story Deserves to Be Told: Malaka Gharib’s Version of the American Dream

NPR journalist Malaka Gharib’s debut graphic novel tells the story of her unique childhood and highlights why it's important to see yourself reflected in books.


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Memorable and Meaningful: On Giving Books Over Toys This Holiday Season

Books remain a popular holiday gift, right up there with clothing and toys — so even if the “Four Gift Rule,” or my all-book alternative, won’t work for your family, remember: there’s always room for more books under the tree.