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6 Creative Storytelling Games for Kids

These storytelling games can aid in a child’s neurological development, spark creative thinking, improve vocabulary, encourage imagination, improve listening skills, and develop literacy.

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Baby & Toddler

The Surprising (and Scientifically Proven) Benefit of Reading to Toddlers

A recent Rutger's University study found that reading aloud to young children benefits both the parents and children.


All Ages

The Best Children’s and YA Books of August 2019

Packed with heart, humor, and stellar prose, this month’s best new releases are delightfully unmissable.

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Books Like Harry Potter: 15 Series to Read Next

These highly recommended, highly addicting, can’t-put-‘em-down stories of adventure and fantasy are perfect for kids who love the Harry Potter series.

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Help Kids Power Up on Reading with These Super Series

Power reading is all about the joy of getting hooked by a story and then burning through books at a blazing pace. It’s a great way to reignite your kid’s enthusiasm for reading.


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12 Impressive Dinosaur and Fossil Books for Budding Paleontologists

These incredible nonfiction books give kids the most up-to-date information about dinosaurs and fossils, sparking curiosity, answering questions, and providing in-depth knowledge for growing minds.


Grown-Up Reads

The Best Grown-Up Reads of July 2019

From real-life and Austen-like love stories to a guidebook for helping kids manage healthy online lives, we’ve rounded up the best titles being published this month.