Revamp Your Bookshelves: Monthly Reading Challenges for Kids

by the Brightly Editors

Illustration credit: Popmarleo/Shutterstock

Want to encourage kids to read a variety of authors and genres at home? These monthly reading challenges do just that!

Reading challenges are a great way to read more books, read different kinds of books, and connect with new ideas and experiences. And there’s no wrong way to do it. If your children are already book lovers, they might enjoy checking off each challenge goal as they go and expanding their reading horizons by seeking out books they might not typically pick up. For reluctant readers, these monthly goals can help make a game out of finding and reading new books. Reading challenges make reading exciting for kids, and no matter how far they get, everyone wins!

Kids can read independently or with an adult, choose picture books or chapter books, and check off the challenge goals in whatever order they choose.

  • September: New School Year, New Reads

    This month’s reading challenge ideas remind kids that — no matter what they might be assigned to read in school — they can and should always make time for what they want to read, too.

  • October: Fall for Fantastic Books

    These ten reading challenge ideas will have young readers haunting their bookshelves and exploring new stories all month long.

  • November: Turning Leaves, Turning Pages

    With lots to do as the holidays approach, healthy reading habits can fall by the wayside. Here are some ideas to keep your kids turning pages in November!

  • December: A Bookish Wonderland

    December’s reading challenge encourages kids to celebrate their year in reading, continue cozying up with new stories, and make some space on their bookshelves as the year draws to a close.

  • January: Bookish Fun for Winter

    Kickstart the new year by resolving to read more great books! Use these reading challenges to help guide the way.

  • February: For the Love of Stories

    This month’s reading challenge is full of festivity, spurring children to explore books that celebrate Black History Month, Presidents’ Day, Valentine’s Day, and more.

  • March: March Your Way to the Bookshelf

    March brings spring (or so we hope!) and it also brings plenty of new reasons to read. Here are some challenges to keep kids’ page-turning motivation strong.

  • April: Shower Your Shelf with Books

    With April comes National Humor Month, National Poetry Month, School Library Month, and more! These challenges encourage readers of all ages to explore all kinds of new books.

  • May: Bookshelves in Bloom

    This month, find reading inspiration in the blooming plants outside, your own creativity within, and the (fast-approaching!) end of the school year.